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    Sea Lion
    2013-9-12 11:40:04

    تفاصيل المنتج:

    (Seaweed liquid Fertilizer)

    Product Character:Dark Brown Liquid


    Alginate≥30g/L; N+K2O≥135g/L; B≥12g/L; OM(Organic Matter): 350~380g/L; Indole acid≥15ppm; I:720ppm; Mannitol≥0.5%, Laminarin ≥1.2%, Betaine ≥42ppm, Ca≥1.2%

     PH 4-8


    1.Promote root bursting fast, seedling growing farst and keep green long time.

    2.To promote the fruit expanding and strengthen the color of fruits.

    3.To solve the problems caused by continously croping and prevent damage caused by heavy weather.

    Applying Crops:

    Vegetables,fruits trees,tomato,cucumber,flowers,tea and so on.

    Application Method:


    Dilute it with water for 200~400 times.


    MOQ: 1 FCL.

    Package: 10L/barrel or 20L/barrel or 200L/drum       16mt/ 20FCL

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