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    Seaweed Extract
    2013-9-13 9:04:51

    تفاصيل المنتج:

    Our seaweed extract comes from cold water Kelp seaweed grows in the Yellow Ocean of China.


    Flake & Powder

    1-Alginic aicd≥25%, N:0.8-1.2%, K2O:20-25%, P2O5:2-4%, I≥500ppm,IAA:210ppm ,CTK:316PPM, Mannitol≥0.5%, Solubility:100%, Moisture≤2%.

    2-Alginic aicd≥18%, N≥0.5%, K2O:16-18%, P2O5≥2%, I≥500ppm, Mannitol≥0.5%, Solubility:100%, Moisture≤1%.

    1.Promote crops’ absorption.
    2.Improve plants quality and increase the productivity by 20%--30%.
    3.Supply the nutrients for plant growth.
    4.Regulate the soil environment, prevent the root rot.

    Applying crops:
    Vegetables, fruits trees, tomato,coffee, cucumber, flowers, tea and so on.

    Spraying: Dilute 800--1000 times.
    Drip Irrigation: Dilute 600--800 times.
    Dosage:1800--3000 ml/acre

    MOQ: 2mt

    Package: 20/25kg bags or 25kg carton.

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