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    Chitosan Concentrate
    2013-9-18 9:12:57

    تفاصيل المنتج:

    Character: brown liquid

    Main Ingredient:
       Chitosan: ≥10%
    PH: 6~8.  Density: 1.2kg/L.
    Raw material:
       Shell of crab and shrimp.

    Prevent and kill nematodes
    Broad-spectrum antibacterial
    Improve the soil condition, solve the soil-borne disease
    Enhance stress resistance

    Irrigation: dilute in water, Using 15~30L/Hectare。
    Note:Can not be mixed with abamectin together.

    MOQ: 1 FCL.

    Package: 10L/ barrel or 20L/barrel,  16mt/20" FCL

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